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Welcome to the home of The Rising Whisper - A mostly European Guild on the Fippy Darkpaw Server
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Kunark Raiding Has Begun!

Leguvun, Jun 12, 11 2:08 PM.

The Rising Whisper has begun it's Raiding in to Kunark. After an evening of Wurm Slaying in Skyfire, members left not only with new spells to memorise but also memories themselves - for the dawn of Kunark is here.

Kunark Approaches

Leguvun, May 29, 11 5:52 AM.

With Kunark seemingly on the very near horizon, there really is no better time to join The Rising Whisper! Head over to the Applications section of the forums to sign up to the fun!

Summer BBQ

Leguvun, May 23, 11 2:48 PM.

Welcome back EverQuest

KristianFD, May 15, 11 11:56 AM.

Raiding Success!

Leguvun, Apr 22, 11 2:11 PM.

The Rising Whisper has continued it's Raiding and in recent weeks has enjoyed success in an assortment of zones including Nagafen's Liar and Kedge Keep. Whisper points have been earnt, Whisper points have been spent. Shiny new loot has been won by some but more importantly, fun was had by all. Onwards and upwards!
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